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Squatting Toilet

RIIFO is also committed to the R&D, manufacturing, and services of sanitary wares, including bathroom hardware, bathroom cabinets, sanitary ceramic sanitary wares, and other related products. We hope to provide innovative and transformative experiences enabling users to feel more freedom when using.

Squatting Toilet

Three-Anti Design for Your Safety

  • Anti-splash, anti-stain, anti-slip design
  • Safety for use

Ultra-fast Flushing

  • 2 seconds flushing for fast sewage discharge
  • Adjustable fittings of the 6L toilet tank feature superior flushing ability
  • The fashionable streamlined design
  • The concise electroplating glazed toilet tank lid
  • Labor-saving and easy to clean

L-Shaped Waterproof Design

  • The push-in and horn-shaped drainage pipe significantly decreases the risk of leakage
  • The hidden design for the inlet equipped with a protective sleeve ensures no impurities or insects enter
  • L shaped waterproof joint design is convenient for maintenance
  • The pipe elbow equipped with a filter cap effectively prevents the blockage drainage pipes caused by impurities falling off.

Durable, Stable, and Reliable

Excellent performance in oxidation, corrosion, and chemical resistance
50 years product lifespan

Safe & Certified Pipes and Fitting

Limited product liability insurance of up to US$ 10 million from Allianz
25 years product warranty

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